Tough post and rail paddock fencing that requires no maintenance and will last a lifetime
Quick and easy to install
Fence Height Width Price per 8ft section with one post & cap (ex vat)
Two rail fence 3ft 8ft £66.00
Three rail fence 4½ft 8ft £78.00
Four rail fence 5ft 8ft £98.00

The rails are double ribbed internally for extra strength.

Two rail fences are on 4″ x 4″ posts and 4½” x 1½” rails. Three rail fences are on 5″ x 5″ posts and 5½” x 1½” rails. Four rail fences are on 5″ x 5””posts and 5½” x 1½” rails. If required posts can be routed to your specifications.

You will notice that this product you cannot buy straight off the website, we ask that you contact us with your order detail so we can check it to ensure you have the correct selection of end, corner and mid posts and that all is as needed for your project. We know from experience that this will save you time and money…we are here to help. We can then provide you with a quote including delivery. Alternatively you can collect your order from our depot near Lewes in East Sussex, where you are also welcome to inspect our fencing prior to ordering if you wish.


To view the detailed dimensions of each of the post and rail fences click on the links below:

Gate Options

Gate options and prices for post and rail fencing
Gate Size Price ex vat
Gate for two rail fence 2½ft tall x 6ft wide £260.00
Gate for three rail fence 4½ft tall x 4ft wide £275.00
Gate for three rail fence 4½ft tall x 6ft wide £320.00
Gate for three rail fence 4½ft tall x 8ft wide £360.00
Gate for four rail fence 5ft tall x 6ft wide £380.00

All gates come pre-assembled with hinges and latches included in the price.

Any gate can be custom made to your bespoke specifications and measurements but the maximum width is 8ft.

When you need an extra large gate, we can provide a double swing gate. We include 1 Drop Pin Kit per double gate.

Double 4.5 ft tall gate used in riding arena