Tough PVC Fencing that requires no maintenance and will last a lifetime

Quick and easy to install

I have been on the look out for something special in the way of fencing to complement wild flower areas. This fencing is it. It is very strong, attractive and only requires a wipe with a wet cloth if it gets dirty. If the wind and rain have wreaked havoc in your garden and your old painted wooden fence is looking sad and shabby, make sure that the next time you replace your fence it is also the last! On the other side of the Atlantic pvc fencing has years of flawless history and the benefits of pvc fencing are finally hitting home here in the UK. The white colour cannot get scratched off and the attractive face of the fencing shows on both sides. If you ever need to add to the fence line, new fencing will match the old fencing as it does not fade. The fencing is easy to erect as it slots together with pre-formed holes in the rails and posts.

Your fencing order will be delivered to your door. 

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