Here you can buy rare wild flower seeds of more British Orchids together with Helleborines and other uncommon and difficult to obtain species, as additions to each mix. You can also purchase extra seed from various single species already included in some of my mixes, such as Primrose, Cowslip and Bluebell. All seed is of native British origin. If you want Yellow Rattle seed click here.

If purchased with your mix, these will be sent to you in separate packets rather than mixed in, so that you can sow these as additions exactly where you wish.

Other native wild flower seeds

£11-00 per packet (inc. VAT)

Native Orchid seed mixture

£25 per packet (incl. VAT)

Species mixed Origin Number of seeds in packet
(in excess of)
Common Spotted Orchid Dactylorhiza fuchsii
Early Purple Orchid Orchis mascula
Green-winged Orchid Orchis morio
East Sussex 3,500

Native Orchid & Helleborines etc. seed

£18-00 per packet (inc. VAT)

Single species Origin Number of seeds in packet
(in excess of)
Autumn Lady’s-tresses Orchid
Spiranthes spiralis
East Sussex 3,500
Bee Orchid
Ophrys apifera
Somerset 3,500
Bird’s-nest Orchid
Neottia nidus-avis
East Sussex 3,500
Broad-leaved Helleborine
Epipactis helleborine
East Sussex 3,500
Common Broomrape
Orobanche minor
Somerset 1,500
Common Spotted Orchid
Dactylorhiza fuchsii
East Sussex 3,500
Common Twayblade Orchid
Neottia ovata
East Sussex 3,500
Early Purple Orchid
Orchis mascula
East Sussex 3,500
Fragrant Orchid
Gymnadenia conopsea
East Sussex 3,500
Green-winged Orchid
Orchis morio
East Sussex 3,500
Heath Spotted Orchid
Dactylorhiza maculata
East Sussex 3,500
Knapweed Broomrape
Orobanche elatior
Somerset 1,500
Lesser Butterfly Orchid
Platanthera bifolia
Sutherland 3,500
Marsh Helleborine
Epipactis palustris
Glamorgan 3,500
Pyramidal Orchid
Anacamptis pyramidalis
East Sussex 3,500
Southern Marsh Orchid
Dactylorhiza praetermissa
East Sussex 3,500
Violet Helleborine
Epipactis purpurata
East Sussex 3,500
Yellow Bird’s-nest
Monotropa hypopitys
East Sussex 1,000
Single species Origin Number of seeds in packet
(in excess of)
Autumn Gentian
Gentianella amarella
East Sussex 300
Annual Knawel
Scleranthus annuus
Somerset 100
Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Cumbria 1,000
Ajuga reptans
Nottingham 100
Tussilago farfara
Nottinghamshire 200
Common Centaury
Centaurium erythraea
Nottinghamshire 1,500
Common Dog Violet
Viola riviniana
Yorkshire 100
Common Fumitory
Fumaria officinalis
Nottinghamshire 600
Common Meadow-rue
Thalictrum flavum
Cambridgeshire 1,000
Common Rock-rose
Helianthemum nummularium
Gloucestershire 400
Common Valerian
Valeriana officinalis
Gloucestershire 1,000
Cow Parsley
Anthriscus sylvestris
Norfolk 1,000
Primula veris
Dorset 1,000
Cruciata laevipes
Cumbria 175
Deptford Pink
Dianthus armeria
East Sussex 100
Dog’s Mercury
Mercurialis perennis
East Sussex 100
Dyer’s Chamomile
Anthemis Tinctoria Kelwayi
Hertfordshire 200
Dyer’s Greenweed
Genista tinctoria
East Sussex 500
Euphrasia nemorosa
Cumbria 1,000
Eyebright & Red Bartsia mix
Euphrasia nemorosa & Odontites vernus
Contains some chaff
East Sussex 6,000
Germander Speedwell
Veronica chamaedrys
Yorkshire 300
Grass Vetchling
Lathyrus nissolia
Cambridgeshire 330
Greater Stitchwort
Stellaria holostea
East Sussex 50
Calluna vulgaris
Nottinghamshire 2,000
Herb Robert
Geranium robertianum
East Sussex 150
Horseshoe Vetch
Hippocrepis comosa
Wiltshire 150
Lady’s Smock
Cardamine pratensis
Oxfordshire 500
Lawn Chamomile
Anthemis noblis
Wiltshire 2,000
Lawn Daisy
Bellis perrenis
Somerset 1,000
Lesser Celandine
Ranunculus ficaria
East Sussex 800
Lesser Stitchwort
Stellaria graminea
Yorkshire 400
Rubia Tinctorum
Suffolk 30
Maiden Pink
Dianthus deltoides
Suffolk 200
Marsh Marigold
Dianthus deltoides
Norfolk 250
Milk Parsley
Thyselium palustre
East Sussex 100
Primula elatior
Cambridgeshire 1,000
Adonis annua
Norfolk 40
Conopodium majus
East Sussex 300
Primula vulgaris
Somerset 300
Red Bartsia
Odontites vernus
Oxfordshire 1,800
Round-leaved Fluellen
Kickxia spuria
Somerset 1,000
Sanicula europaea
East Sussex 200
Sea Campion
Silene uniflora
Pembrokeshire 750
Sea Thrift
Armeria maritima
East Sussex 200
Sheep’s Sorrel
Rumex acetosella
Oxfordshire 500
Snake’s Head Fritillary
Fritillaria meleagris
Wiltshire 200
Saponaria officinalis
Norfolk 450
True Indigo
Indigofera Tinctoria
(non native)
Non native: Asia – sought after dye plant
Grow in warm greenhouse or windowsill
Hypericum androsaenum
Northamptonshire 2,500
Verbena officinalis
Oxfordshire 300
Echium vulgare
Suffolk 1,000
Water Mint
Mentha aquatica
Cambridgeshire 1,000
Weld (Dyer’s Rocket)
Reseda luteola
Leicestershire 1,000
Wild Garlic (Ramsons)
Allium ursinum
East Sussex 500
Wild Mustard (Charlock)
Sinapis arvensis
Nottinghamshire 300
Wild Strawberry
Fragaria vesca
Angus 800
Wild Thyme
Thymus praecox
Berkshire 500
Isatis tinctoria
Nottinghamshire 400
Wood Anemone
Anemone nemorosa
East Sussex 350
Wood Cranesbill
Geranium sylvaticum
Yorkshire 225
Yellow Archangel
Lamium galeobdolon
Nottinghamshire 180

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