This is my mix for all soils types and I reckon it is better than any other ‘standard mix’ you will find, due to its long season of flowering, extra large range of species, beauty and wildlife value.

My native seed mixtures are unique, so please browse through their contents by scrolling further down this page and you will see a much greater variety of species than is usually obtainable within a commercially available mix. Many of the species present, such as Orchid are unique and not found in other seed mixtures.

This mix produces some beautiful wild flower landscapes, small and large. I specialise in creating these habitats and this is my unique seed combination to cover all soil types. It contains 35 different native wildflower species at a higher than normal ratio of 30% wild flowers to grasses.

Once established this species rich mix will display a wide range of some of our most beautiful native wild flowers with different flowers coming into bloom from spring, through summer and well into the autumn to produce a continuous cascade of changing colour. It is suitable for any soil but for woodland or shaded areas I suggest you use my ‘woodland and shade mix’.

To view my instruction sheet on how to create a wild flower area using this mix, click here.

For something nice to surround your wild flower area click here to see my ‘maintenance free fencing’ or as an alternative to seeding, consider using my ‘wild flower turf’.  For environmentally friendly pest deterrents I suggest you check out the products from the following company’s website by clicking here. For pretty wild flower jewellery check out my colleague Abby’s site on Etsy by clicking here (receive a 10% discount by entering code: WFLM10).

Species Latin name Average number of seeds contained within a 33m2 seeding pack
Betony Stachys officinalis 360
Birds-foot-trefoil Lotus corniculatus 400
Bulbous Buttercup Ranunculus bulbosus 250
Cat’s-ear Hypochaeris radicata 270
Common Knapweed Centaurea nigra 200
Common Sorrel Rumex acetosa 200
Common Spotted Orchid Dactylorhiza fuchsii 750
Corn Chamomile Anthemis arvensis 350
Corn Marigold Chrysanthemum segetum 540
Corncockle Agrostemma githago 330
Cornflower Centaurea cyanus 550
Cowslip Primula veris 420
Dark Mullein Verbascum nigrum 100
Devil’s-bit Scabious Succisa pratensis 280
Field Scabious Knautia arvensis 300
Greater Knapweed Centaurea scabiosa 110
Hoary Plantain Plantago media 300
Lady’s Bedstraw Galium verum 700
Meadow Buttercup Ranunculus acris 250
Meadow Cranesbill Geranium pratense 80
Meadow Vetchling Lathyrus pratensis 24
Musk Mallow Malva moschata 250
Oxeye Daisy Leucanthemum vulgare 850
Red Campion Silene dioica 490
Red Poppy Papaver rhoeas 2,700
Rough Hawkbit Leontodon hispidus 160
Selfheal Prunella vulgaris 380
Small Scabious Scabiosa columbaria 180
Toadflax Linaria vulgaris 300
Tufted Vetch Vicia cracca 100
Viper’s Bugloss Echium vulgare 120
Wild Carrot Daucus carota 450
Wild Red Clover Trifolium pratense 125
Yarrow Achillea millefolium 500
Yellow Rattle Rhinanthus minor 220
Sweet Vernal-grass Anthoxanthum odoratum
Crested Dog’s-tail Cynosurus cristatus
Quaking Grass Briza media
Sheep’s Fescue Festuca ovina
Smaller Cat’s-tail Phleum bertolonii
Common Bent Agrostis capillaris
Slender Creeping Red Fescue Festuca rubra
Yellow Oat-grass Trisetum flavescens

I also have for sale seeds of some rarer individual species, such as other Orchids and Helleborines. They can be chosen from the ‘Rarities’/ ‘Additional Species’ page. Click here for details of the Additional Species.

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