This mix contains the unique sought after wild flower species that my mixes are known for,
28 species in all, including Fragrant Orchid and Common Spotted Orchid, look through the list below to see the full range of beautiful chalk and limestone loving wild flowers I have included. This mix will provide you with a very long flowering season from April to mid-September or beyond. It contains a ratio of 20% flowers to grasses. It should be seeded at a rate of 3g per m2.

For areas smaller than 100sqm please see my ‘Luxury seed mix for chalk or limestone soils’ which you can view by clicking here.

This mix contains only perennial wild flowers which will survive and spread year after year by their root-stock and vegetative growth without the need for additional seeding. Being perennials expect the majority of flowering to occur from the second year after seeding and every year thereafter. If you wish for colourful flowering during the first year as well, then also purchase a quantity of my luxury annual mix or economy annual mix for your seeding area, equivalent to 10% of your total seeding area to add to this economy chalk and limestone mix and tell me if you wish me to mix these together for your convenience, alternatively consider my special luxury mix for chalk or limestone soils or my general purpose mix which both contain an annual inclusion to provide colourful first year flowering.

To view my instruction sheet on how to create a wild flower area using this mix, click here.

For something nice to surround your wild flower area click here to see my ‘maintenance free fencing’ or as an alternative to seeding, consider using my ‘wild flower turf’.  For environmentally friendly pest deterrents I suggest you check out the products from the following company’s website by clicking here. For pretty wild flower jewellery check out my colleague Abby’s site on Etsy by clicking here.

Species Latin name Average number of seeds contained within a 333m2 seeding pack
Birdsfoot Trefoil Lotus corniculatus 2,500
Burnet Saxifrage Pimpinella saxifraga 2,100
Clustered Bellflower Campanula glomerata 1,000
Common Knapweed Centaurea nigra 1,000
Common Restharrow Ononis repens 600
Common Spotted Orchid Dactylorhiza fuchsii 8,000
Cowslip Primula veris 3,000
Devil’s-bit scabious Succisa pratensis 1,000
Dropwort Filipendula vulgaris 3,000
Field Scabious Knautia arvensis 2,400
Fragrant Orchid Gymnadenia conopsea 8,000
Greater Knapweed Centaurea scabiosa 2,500
Hoary Plantain Plantago media 1,000
Kidney Vetch Anthyllis vulneraria 2,800
Lady’s Bedstraw Galium verum 4,000
Meadow Buttercup Ranunculus acris 2,500
Musk Mallow Malva moschata 2,500
Oxeye Daisy Leucanthemum vulgare 4,000
Rough Hawkbit Leontodon hispidus 2,400
Salad Burnet Sanguisorba minor 2,240
Self Heal Prunella vulgaris 1,200
Small Scabious Scabiosa columbaria 2,400
Viper’s Bugloss Echium vulgare 1,750
Wild Basil Clinopodium vulgare 2,500
Wild Carrot Daucus carota 2,000
Wild Marjoram Origanum vulgare 3,000
Yarrow Achillea millefolium 3,000
Yellow Rattle Rhinanthus minor 1,500
Common Bent Agrostis capillaris
Crested Dogstail Cynosurus cristatus
Quaking Grass Briza media (N)
Sheep’s Fescue Festuca ovina
Slender Creeping Red Fescue Festuca rubra ssp. litoralis
Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass Poa pratensis
Strong Creeping Red Fescue Festuca rubra ssp. rubra
Yellow Oat-grass Trisetum flavescens

I also have for sale seeds of some rarer individual species, such as other Orchids and Helleborines. They can be chosen from the ‘Rarities’/ ‘Additional Species’ page. Click here for details of the Additional Species.

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