Available for delivery from late August/September 2024

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Bulbs are great if you wish for quick flowering in woodland and shaded areas, as they reach flowering quicker than seed which is slower to establish in such situations. They can also be used in open areas just as well. In fact the fragrant Wild Tulip flowers better in the open than under shade.

Bulbs are easy to handle and will come with simple planting instructions. Note that many bulbs need to settle in once planted and so not all will flower in their first year but all should from their second year. They will multiply in number each year too.

In the table below I have indicated the flowering period for each of the species so you can create non-stop flowering through winter, spring and summer using my bulbs. I also indicate the period they are available before they sprout and become part of my ‘in leaf/sprouting bulbs’ which are more expensive due to the care of handling and packing required before posting out. To view my ‘in leaf/sprouting’ bulbs click here.

To purchase a quantity of these bulbs please select the desired species in the drop down box at the base of this page and click the ‘Add to Basket’ button. If different species packs are required please add each to the shopping basket one at a time.

To view my instruction sheet for planting bulbs, click here.

Species as bulbs Flowering Available to buy from
Snowdrop Feb – March Early Aug until late Nov
Wild Daffodil Feb – April Mid Aug until Dec
Crocus March – April Mid Aug until Dec
Lesser Celandine March – May Mid Aug until Dec
Snake’s Head Fritillary April – May Mid Aug until Dec
English Bluebell April – June Mid Aug until Dec
Wild Garlic (Ramsons) April – June Mid Aug until Dec
Lily of the Valley May – June Oct until April
Wild Cyclamen Aug – Sept All year
Wild Tulip April – May Mid Aug until Dec
Wood Anemone March – May Mid Aug until mid May
For purchasing bulb species after their available date has expired check their availability on my ‘in leaf/sprouting’ bulbs page by clicking here.

To view photos of each of these eleven bulb species I have for sale click here.

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English Bluebell bulbs x 50, English Bluebell bulbs x 100, English Bluebell bulbs x 250, English Bluebell bulbs x 500, English Bluebell bulbs x 1000, Wild Daffodil bulbs x 50, Wild Daffodil bulbs x 100, Wild Daffodil bulbs x 250, Wild Daffodil bulbs x 500, Wild Daffodil bulbs x 1000, Snake's Head Fritillary bulbs x 50, Snake's Head Fritillary bulbs x 100, Snake's Head Fritillary bulbs x 250, Snake's Head Fritillary bulbs x 500, Snake's Head Fritillary bulbs x 1000, Wild Garlic [Ramsons] bulbs x 50, Wild Garlic [Ramsons] bulbs x 100, Wild Garlic [Ramsons] bulbs x 250, Wild Garlic [Ramsons] bulbs x 500, Wild Garlic [Ramsons] bulbs x 1000, Wild Tulip bulbs x 50, Wild Tulip bulbs x 100, Wild Tulip bulbs x 250, Wild Tulip bulbs x 500, Wild Tulip bulbs x 1000, Lily of the Valley pips x 50, Lily of the Valley pips x 100, Lily of the Valley pips x 250, Lily of the Valley pips x 500, Lily of the Valley pips x 1000, Wild Cyclamen bulbs x 50, Wild Cyclamen bulbs x 100, Wild Cyclamen bulbs x 250, Wild Cyclamen bulbs x 500, Wild Cyclamen bulbs x 1000, Snowdrop bulbs x 50, Snowdrop bulbs x 100, Snowdrop bulbs x 250, Snowdrop bulbs x 500, Snowdrop bulbs x 1000, Crocus bulbs [mixed colours] x 50, Crocus bulbs [mixed colours] x 100, Crocus bulbs [mixed colours] x 250, Crocus bulbs [mixed colours] x 500, Crocus bulbs [mixed colours] x 1000, Lesser Celandine bulbs x 50, Lesser Celandine bulbs x 100, Lesser Celandine bulbs x 250, Lesser Celandine bulbs x 500, Lesser Celandine bulbs x 1000, Wood Anemone rhizomes x 50, Wood Anemone rhizomes x 100, Wood Anemone rhizomes x 250, Wood Anemone rhizomes x 500, Wood Anemone rhizomes x 1000

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