Wild flower plant collections

My wild flower plant collections, mature and of flowering age. These are robust plants much bigger than plugs, in 9cm diameter pots, labelled with the name of each wild flower and ready for planting.

I have put together collections of 10 of the most beautiful native wild flowers suitable for flower beds, lawns and meadows, shaded shrubby areas, hedge-sides and woodland, and wet ground and stream or pond-sides ready to pop straight into the ground. You can plant them at any time of the year but avoid planting during a drought when the soil is hard and dry or when the ground is frozen.

I can contract grow larger bespoke wild flower plant orders for customers.

Note of interest: I found the following company’s unique plant pest deterrent products of particular interest due to their safe ingredients, beneficial side-effects on the plants and non-harmful effects on the target pest. Their products are plant protectors and not pesticides. I have used the G2 formula on my plant plugs and mature plants and found them effective against slugs and snails; repeat treatment I found beneficial as the plant grows and produces new leaves and also after periods of rain. Click here to visit their website.