Wild flowers are great in gardens; they are low maintenance, frost and drought hardy and supportive to our native wildlife, as well as being a joy to the eye. They are as beautiful and diverse in colour and form as any cultivated flower. You can create flowering to last all season long using my range of wild flower plant collections, for any situation. – see my mature plant collections by clicking here or my plant plug collections by clicking here, I have created them for different situations to flower all season long …just pop then in the ground. I also sell wild flower turf, which you can view by clicking here. In England we have a huge range of wild flowers to choose from, all perfectly adapted to our soils and climate. We are so used to the cultivated garden plants we buy from garden centres that we rarely think of using native flora for our gardens. We admire breath-taking wild flower landscapes where they survive in the countryside and forget that we can create miniature versions in our gardens, either in flower beds, alongside driveways or in areas of lawn. Annuals are bold and colourful and quick to establish; perennials are incredibly varied in colour and form and bloom year after year without having to re-grow again from seed. As an attractive border to a wild flower area in a garden check out my maintenance free picket fencing by clicking here.

Below are examples of a few of my wild flowers available for planting in your garden; hover your mouse over a photograph to see their description.

Gardens don’t need to be big, little town gardens of just a few square metres can be turned into a mini oasis of colour and interest for people and wildlife! All my plants are frost hardy, they can be planted anytime; indeed autumn to spring is a good time so that you don’t need to water them.

You can also create wild flower areas using seeds. You can create low flowering wild flower lawns with my special low flowering lawn seed mix, which you can mow to a cut height of 2 inches and still enjoy all the flowering. You can also create taller wild flower areas which you only have to mow once at the end of the year, below is a photo of my seed mix for clay, loam and sandy soils which was sown in February 2013 and the photo was taken in July 2013, it shows how wild flowers can bring a garden to life.

Wild flowers can bring a garden to life

Wild flower strips are great, either along edges of fields or lawns or driveways. Strips can be from a couple of metres wide or more. You can also convert parts of lawns or all of lawns or even whole fields. See my seed mixtures by clicking here, all my perennial mixtures contain wild orchids and other unique wild flowers to enchant you.

The photo below shows two perennial wild flower strips I created either side of a Public Footpath to guide walkers crossing an agricultural field.

Below is an annual wild flower border used to increase the colour and structure of a garden.

An annual wild flower border for a garden

To assist you with your wild flower garden:

In addition to creating wild flower areas I also provide an advisory service if you need assistance concerning:

  • Creating wild flower landscapes
  • Wild flower grassland management
  • Weed problems and how to deal with them within wild flower grasslands – I am experienced in the use of chemical weed control within wild flower grasslands having trialled herbicide products in various wild flower situations (PA1 & PA6 qualified).
  • I do undertake the creation of wild flower areas for customers within East Sussex. Outside the county I travel to provide an advisory service.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss any service.

Advisory service – a visit to your site to assess the situation and guide you on the actions you need to take – fee £45-00 per hour plus vat to include travelling time.

Alternatively where appropriate, you can email me some low jpeg photos of the site and a short description of the issues that you need guidance on and then I will ring you at a mutually convenient time to discuss your project and give you all the information that you need to succeed. Set fee of £45-00 plus vat.