Wood Anemone seed
A white carpet of Wood Anemones in April

Wood Anemone is one of the most beautiful of our native wild flowers of woodland and hedge-bank. During early spring it can carpet a woodland in white. Each flower is a gorgeous clean white.

Wood Anemone flowers
The beauty of the Wood Anemone

It is a tricky seed to collect as the window of opportunity is very narrow as it drops its seed very soon after its flower petals drop. A few weeks after that its leaves die away and there is no evidence of the plant above ground within a woodland until the following spring when it reappears to carpet the woodland once more.

It is tolerant of quite heavy shade, as it develops a rhizome following germination from seed to store food and this enables it to spread like a carpet over the years within a woodland. It often occurs together with our native Bluebell, which flowers just as the Wood Anemone finishes. If you wish to buy Wood Anemone seed or native Bluebell seed you can find them on my ‘Additional Species/Rarities’ page by clicking here.

Wood Anemone seed