Wild Orchids

At this time of year many people are thinking about planting my wild flower bulbs for the early spring however I thought it is worth mentioning that our wild Orchids are not dissimilar in their development, forming an underground tuber or rhizome first, before putting up a flower spike. My selection of wild Orchid seed can be sown at any time as the start of their development all happens beneath the ground, not reliant on sunlight at this stage, they are one of the few plants whose seed can be sown straight onto the soil surface among the grass of a lawn or field (I have written the instructions on the seed packet); they do not require bare ground prior to seeding which is required for the wild flower seed mixes.

Early Spider Orchids a secret of the south downs
Green-winged Orchids come in various colours
More Green-winged Orchids …aren’t they gorgeous!

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Common Spotted Orchids in flower
Common Spotted Orchids in flower