What do my wild flower grasslands look like in April?

I thought I would show you what one of my created wild flower grasslands look like in April.

What is flowering in April?

All those little yellow dots are Cowslips which are flowering en masse this month, most of the other species are present only in their leaf stage at the moment. Cowslips tend to be the first species to flower in my created wild flower lawns and meadows and they signal that a cascade of flowering will soon be underway, which will go on right through the year with different species coming and going into bloom.

To enable this cascade of colour and form to occur it is important that at the time of original sowing a wild flower area is invested with enough variety of species to enable a long and varied flowering season. That is why I put the seeds of 41 different wild flower species in my mixtures for lawns and meadows (which you can view and purchase from my ‘seed mixes’ page)…and so there is so much more to flower as the season gets underway.

The photo above shows the same site and similar view as the photo shown on the ‘Home’ page, which was taken in late June. So you can see how different a species rich meadow can look in early spring and early summer.