One of my wild flower seed mix landscapes

This month I popped in to see how a seeding I did for a hotel in February is looking now. I used my wild flower seed mixture for ‘clay, loam and sandy soils’. It is basically a perennial mix which means the wild flowers will come up year after year however in this mix I include a nice range of annual wild flowers too, which come into bloom quicker than the perennial wild flowers and so gives a lovely display whilst the perennials are still bulking up their leaf growth before flowering. My mix contains 41 different native wild flower species. See the photos below showing before seeding (in February) and after (in July). The site had a mixture of brought in soil (light and loamy) to cover the after effects of building operations and further down the slope the original clay soil was used. Note I did no cultivation or raking before or after seeding, so as not to stimulate the germination of any weed seeds within the soil but I did clear all existing vegetation from the original soil so the seed went onto bare ground.

Prior to seeding in February 2012
Seeded with my wild flower mix for clay and sandy soils
The top of the site with brought in soil Feb 2012
How it looked July 2012 after seeding

The same area June 2013 being used by the Spa therapists