Edible snails, ravens and clouds!

I had my stand at the ‘Sissinghurst Smallholding Fair’ at Sissinghurst Castle, last weekend. There was an interesting mix of exhibitors present from vintage rural machines to livestock including edible snails…on offer to take away either as pets in a vivarium or out of a hot buttered saucepan as food! Personally I favoured neither although my kids would have inclined towards having them as pets but my wild flower plants would have preferred the other option no doubt.

Sarah Raven and her team were there and I must thank Jo for her Lemongrass and Ginger cordial recipe…it was the best cordial of the summer! I hope your ‘garden open day’ went well on Saturday in spite of the rain, I’m sorry I could only make a fleeting visit but the cutting gardens looked superb and I know it took you all a lot of hard work.

I also met Kevin McCloud from Channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’, he is a very nice chap and I was delighted to give him some guidance on a large wild flower project he is undertaking. It sounded very interesting Kevin…good luck with that…I forgot to mention that you can see a list of the 41 wild flower species in the seed mix I gave you, on my website under the mix for ‘clay or sandy soil’. Thank you for your book signed for Michael & Sapphire (my children), they were delighted with it.

Don’t forget everyone now is the time to get all your planned wild flower areas in a condition ready for seeding during the autumn or winter – particularly for perennial wild flower areas. Due to the popularity of my ‘how to create a wild flower area’ guides which I send out with every seed mix order, I have now placed these on my FAQ web page for those who need it.