Economy wild flower seed mixtures for landscapers

I have just unveiled 4 cheaper wild flower seed mixtures for landscapers and councils and those undertaking larger scale wild flower seeding projects. Three perennial mixtures, an economy mix for clay, loam and sandy soils, another economy mix for chalk and limestone soils and an economy mix for woodland and shade conditions. These mixtures all contain wild orchids amongst a range of other beautiful native wild flowers to provide a long flowering season from April until mid-September or beyond. I have also created an economy annual wild flower seed mixture for those wishing to create colourful landscapes quickly, this one is ideal for adding to any economy perennial wild flower mixture to provide a blaze of colour during the first year following seeding when many of the perennial wild flowers spend much of their time developing their leaves and roots rather than flowering. Of course I still have all my classic standard (now relatively called ‘luxury’) wild flower seed mixtures for sale.