Bulbs of individual wild flower species for sale

I now have bulbs of individual wild flower species for sale in addition to my mixed species collections.

Bulbs are great if you wish for quick flowering in woodland and shaded areas, as they reach flowering quicker than seed, which is slower to establish in such situations. They can also be used in open areas just as well. In fact the fragrant Wild Tulip flowers better in the open than under shade.

I also sell rhizomes of Wood Anemone for creating that woodland carpet of white.

Below you will see photos of each of the eleven bulb species I have available. To visit my product page to purchase any click here.

Our native Wood Anemone
A white carpet of Wood Anemones in April
A yellow carpet of native Lesser Celandines in April

Bulbs are easy to handle and will come with simple planting instructions. To view my bulb planting instruction sheet click here. Note that many bulbs need to settle in once planted and so not all will flower in their first year but all should from their second year. They will multiply in number each year too :).

English Bluebells
Wild Tulip
Snakes Head Fritillary
Native Wild Daffodils
Wild Garlic
Native Wild Garlic
Wild Cyclamen
The fragrant Lily Of The Valley