Bulb planting advice sheet

My bulb collections will be happy in virtually any location but they are particularly handy for the more shaded areas of your garden, except for the fragrant Wild Tulip which will flower better in the more open sunny areas. My individual species can be chosen when you wish to make up your own collection or use just one or two species for your planting.

Many bulbs do need to settle in once planted and so not all will flower in their first year but all should from their second year

Species as bulbs Top of bulb planting depth Planting density*
Snowdrop 2 inches 20/m2
Wild Daffodil 2 inches 15/m2
Crocus 3 inches 50/m2
Wild Tulip 2 inches 15/m2
Snake’s Head Fritillary 2 inches 20/m2
English Bluebell

2 inches

To avoid a blue mould which can develop on the outside of a bluebell bulb they are best stored in the fridge to avoid sweating and ideally planted within 7 days of receipt. If you do see some mould this is usually superficial and should not affect the future of your plant.

Lily Of The Valley Plant rhizomes horizontally 1″ below soil surface 15/m2
Wood Anemone Plant rhizomes horizontally 1″ below soil surface 15/m2
Wild Garlic 2 inches 15/m2
Lesser Celandine 1″ below soil surface 25/m2
Wild Cyclamen Plant tubers 1” below soil  surface with flatter part uppermost and rounded part to the bottom 15/m2

* The planting density shown is only to be used as a rough guide, as everyone has there own preference for clumps or looser planting patterns. Bulbs will also spread to fill in gaps over a few years.