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Here at Wild Flower Lawns & Meadows we pride ourselves on being one of the top UK suppliers of wild flower turf, native wild flower seeds and wild flower plants for creating beautiful wild flower areas. Use our website for purchasing your required items and for learning tips and techniques on how to achieve the best results.

About Us

First of all I should tell you a little about myself, Colin Reader, the owner of Wild Flower Lawns and Meadows. Ever since I can remember I have had a love of wild flower meadows and native wild flowers. My career path lead me to work as an ecologist advising on wildlife habitat restoration projects, many of these involved grassland areas which had lost their floral content. I became aware of just how few good wild flower grasslands still existed in our countryside. 

Back in 1999 I was fortunate enough to begin working with an owner of a large country estate in East Sussex, who shared my interest in wild flower meadows and she allowed me to experiment with different methods of creating and restoring these features on her land. At that time there was a lot of different advice being given from various organisations regarding how one should go about creating or restoring these special habitats. We trialled various methods, some did not work at all, we sowed the seeds but just grass came up and other methods produced a few wild flowers after a long period of time and others produced a profusion of weeds very quickly! I was convinced that there had to be better ways and quicker ways to create very floristic and diverse meadows.

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